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🌉 Overview

Getting started

If you looking for a simple way to try bridge in action, please visit the page - Running Locally



DOTON is a message passing protocol based on ChainBridge protocol and extended in order to make it possible to work with TON chain. Currently, we support message passing between TON and Substrate-based chains.


At a high level, ChainBridge is a message passing protocol. Events on a source chain are used to create a message that is then delivered to the destination chain. We define the concept of a Listener to extract events from a chain and construct a message, and a Writer to interpret messages and submit transactions to a chain.

Relevant repos


This is the original repository of the core bridging software that Relayers run between chains.


This is a fork of the original repository to which the functionality of interacting with the TON node and some additional business logic were added.


A substrate pallet that can be integrated into a chain, as well as an example pallet to demonstrate passing simple message between TON and Substrate chains.


A simple substrate chain for testing and demo purposes.


A collection of packages used by the core bridging software. This repository is a fork from ChainSafe/chainbridge-utils to which the TON specifically functions were added.